Leighton Buzzard Music

Our next concert:

Saturday 8th February 2020 - 7:30PM


The sensational French virtuoso harpist

Johann Sebastian Bach - Prelude and Fugue No 1 (well-tempered clavier, book I) (5')
Joseph Haydn - Sonata no 60,
Ludwig van Beethoven - Bagatelles op.119
Franz Liszt - Three Hungarian Rhapsodies - Nos 14, 13 & 2.
Wagner The Death of Isolde
plus encores!

The great pianist Alfred Brendel wrote to Sylvan as follows:

"Dear Mr Blassel, listened to your Goldberg Variations with unexpected pleasure and admiration.
I confess that I had no idea what your instrument is able to offer. You are such a fine musician whose ear for nuance and feeling for rhythm is remarkable!"
Sylvain Blassel